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Campus Improvement Plan

Spring Creek Elementary School will open in August of 2015 with an expected enrollment of approximately 550 students. Students are primarily transferring from three other elementary campuses in the district, but we will have students from many schools both in and out of CSISD. The Spring Creek staff is made up of transfers from within CSISD as well as some new to the district.

The wide array of experiences and backgrounds of our staff and students allows us to have rich discussions about campus procedures and expectations and refine what it means to be a student or staff member at Spring Creek. As a result, some items in our campus plan focus on developing clear, consistent guidelines for student success and safety.

In addition, a top priority this year will be to ensure consistency in the instruction that students receive across classrooms and grade levels while maintaining a high academic standard. CSISD has worked to develop curriculum guides that align with the TEKS, and all members of the Spring Creek staff will work during our first year to implement these with fidelity. We recognize that integrating technology into instruction is essential for today’s learners.

Students attending Spring Creek will enter a data-driven environment where we are flexible in order to meet their individual needs. A specific guideline for Response to Intervention will be developed and implemented in order to ensure that all students receive the support they need for success. STAAR scores and curriculum based measures will be considered when developing intervention plans for struggling students.

Finally, Spring Creek Elementary will work diligently to foster a school family culture that is inclusive of all. We will be deliberate in creating strong relationships among staff members, students, and their families.
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