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Spring Creek Elementary

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Spring Creek Elementary

Drop-off Procedures

In an effort to keep our students safe and supervised, it is important for families to follow the following morning drop-off procedures.

Car Riders: All car riders will be dropped off in the front of the school using the loop on Brewster Drive. 

Walkers/Bikers: Walkers/bike riders will use the sidewalks and crossing guards to help them cross streets safely. If parents are parking in parking lots and walking students into the building, they must use cross walks when walking across car/bus lanes.

Bus Riders: Bus riders will exit buses in the bus lane located off of W.S. Phillips Parkway then enter the school from that side of the building.

Head Start/PPCD Car Riders: These students are the ONLY students permitted to be dropped off in the bus lane. They have teachers waiting for them there and will be escorted into the building by those staff members.